Day One

After three weeks in Hong Kong, we’ve finally got round to starting our blog! šŸ˜€


We moved into our apartment on May 1st and this is the view from outside. We live opposite two bakeries, many restaurants and there is a shopping mall containing most of what we could possibly need right on our doorstep. We really got lucky with our location!








We had JapaneseĀ for lunch. Unfortunately the restaurant didn’t have an English name, so I can’t link you guys, but it’s the one opposite the cinema in the TMT Plaza (if you’re in the area!) I had sliced chicken and vegetables with handmade udon in a tomato soup. The flavours and textures were great and you could really tell that the udon was handmade. I also had a side of cockle sushi which was lush šŸ™‚


Ryan went for steak with truffle pesto and beef wrapped in kimchi. He enjoyed both but the meat was a little chewy. He gave it 8/10 šŸ™‚


How cute is this cat outside the restaurant?! ^.^

We’re off to watch Game of Thrones now, stayed tuned for Day Two šŸ˜‰

Ryan and Queenie xx


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