Odds and Ends

Today was not particularly exciting as we just had a few chores to do i.e. doctors and setting up Ry’s bank account.

However we took some photos of our travels 🙂


We had a quick lunch at Euro Go-Go, which sells European food as the name suggests.

We don’t recommend the pizza as it tastes like thin cardboard, but the chicken wings are pretty tasty!


This is the thank-you card that we got for my auntie as she has helped us a tremendous amount since our arrival in Hong Kong.

We really can’t thank her enough!

The card is from LOG-ON, which sells a stylish range of items from stationery and photography equipment to interior decorations, personal care items and much more.


Ryan’s first bus journey in Hong Kong, look how excited he is! 😀



Outside Mong Kok Police Station…


…opposite this beauty!


Fairwood (a fast food chain that sells Chinese and Western food) for an afternoon snack.

Whole-cooked meat is a regular sight in most Chinese eateries.


An urban view of home in sight! 🙂

We’re off for computer noodles now, in a while crocodiles!



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