Central is the central business district of Hong Kong, on the North Shore of Hong Kong Island.

Due to its proximity to Victoria Harbour, it has been the centre of trade and finance since the British colonial era in 1841 and has continued as the administrative centre after the transfer of sovereignty to China in 1997.

This will be obvious as soon as you enter Central, as every direction is filled with businessmen and women in sharp suits! We even captured one on camera …


Along with the headquarters of many businesses, there are also several designer and high street shops that wouldn’t look out of place in London’s Oxford Street.

Also Central is great if you want to shop and work out at the same time because it is essentially made up of hills!



Central is simultaneously home to some of the most modern and oldest streets in Hong Kong.

Check out the fresh food and clothing markets, antique shops and many yummy international eateries. We’ve got some reviews lined up, so stay tuned 😉





It also has some pretty rad graffiti and fashion boutiques 🙂



Most importantly, it has recently become home to Topshop! 😀

Top marks in my book. Not so much in Ryan’s.


Also this is the prettiest bag I’ve ever seen!


Finally Gap had some pretty inspirational advertising…


We’re firm believers in getting off our asses and doing stuff, because as Mark Twain rightfully said:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.”

Hope everyone’s having a lovely day! ^.^



4 thoughts on “Central

  1. I am impressed with the excitement that comes across reading this well written blog. Hong Kong tourist authorities and others would do well to look at this couple’s output.

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