Clubbing in LKF

Lan Kwai Fong is an area in Central that is known as Hong Kong’s traditional expat hangout, packed with restaurants, bars and clubs.

We rarely go clubbing as a group because it’s difficult to get everyone together due to different work schedules, but the public holiday for Buddha’s birthday called for a celebration. It’s what Buddha would have wanted.

We started off in Al’s diner for a bit of nosh and drinks. This meant massive beers for Ry and Rico!


We moved onto Pulp for cocktails and a little boogie, though it was pretty empty so we owned that dance floor. 

Especially Ryan…





Ryan also found a bottle of Royal Dragon Vodka with a glass dragon and 23-carat edible gold leaves in it worth $25,000! Mental.


They tried to recreate 25,000 with their hands, but it didn’t quite work out…


We then moved onto Insomnia but the British bouncer was being a douchebag, insisting that Ryan’s UK driver’s licence wasn’t enough to prove his age. I was a little bit sloshed the last time I went, but I remember having a rad time, they had a live band doing some chart covers.

Note to anyone without a Hong Kong ID: always take your passport out clubbing with you!

My first visit to LKF welcomed me with clowns selling flashing lights, but it was just regular people selling them on my second visit so it was less exciting.


Though there were ‘monks’ selling jewellery and a guy selling dancing Psy dolls outside a club this time, so you win some, you lose some.



As LKF is in Central, everything’s on a hill so you get a work out in between clubs.

You’re pretty much exercising off your alcohol, so treat yourself to another drink 😉



We moved onto Grafitti, which was free for the girls as it was Ladies Night (Thursday), but the guys had to fork out $100!

Also drinks, like everywhere else in LKF, were pretty pricey.  Ryan got a Magners Cider for $70, which is about £6!

It was absolutely heaving in there i.e. no room on the dance floor. And the house music wasn’t great.

But let’s not dwell on the negatives, here’s a picture of us with Kovina, isn’t she pretty?!


At the end of the night, we got some food. Obviously. They have similar stuff to the UK (i.e. chips, chicken, kebabs) as well as massive slices of pizza, which Ry and Rico went for.

The great thing about nights out in Central is that even if you live quite far away, like us, it won’t cost you much to get home as they have regular, cheap night buses at about $20 a pop (under 2 quid) that take you to different areas, such as Tseun Wan or Mong Kok, where you can also get other buses until you arrive at your desired destination.

Despite the douchebag bouncer and crap music in Graffiti, LKF is definitely worth a visit!

Especially if you’re into free coasters. No water marks on the table for us.  \m/





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