Nan’s birthday

Last month, we went out to dinner for nan’s birthday with all my relatives.

We hired a room out at a restaurant in Tseun Wan.


It was a noisy affair with lots of food!


First up, we shared a roasted piglet, a traditional Chinese dish at celebrations.

It’s mostly crunchy skin, which you can dip into hoisin sauce.

Ry didn’t enjoy it though because he said it tasted like ham wrapped in pork scratching. I’m a big fan of both of the aforementioned, so I loved it 🙂


Lobster and noodles are another traditional celebration dish.

My auntie told me that the type of noodles in this dish symbolizes a long life – I think this relates to the name.

Unfortunately I found the noodles too sticky and the sauce too thick, but I thought the noodle fact was pretty interesting!


Clams and another shellfish (that I don’t know the name of), on a base of celery.

I love most shellfish so this was pretty tasty!


We had abalone and ducks feet with broccoli.

I love abalone (although these ones were too chewy), but it’s definitely a special treat as it’s so expensive!

We’re not fans of duck’s feet though.


Mid way through the many dishes of the meal, my auntie set up a game of Bingo.

We were the first winners of a grand total of $30! 😀




I think pretty much everyone won a little red envelope (of money) at some point during the night 🙂


Lots of food, noise, games and birthday buns.

Happy birthday, nan! ^.^





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