Fountains and Ramen

Last month, Ry and I decided to see the Big Buddha in Tung Chung.

Stupidly, we thought it would still be open at 6pm. It wasn’t.

So we just had a little walk around the area instead. There wasn’t much to see, apart from an epic water fountain that came out of the ground, outside the MTR station. There were loads of kids splashing around! It looked so much fun and we were tempted to, but we wouldn’t look very presentable for the rest of the day, haha!


So we just took a few pictures near it instead!



Dress – John Zack at House of Fraser

Sunglasses and rucksack – Topshop

Sandals – Peacocks


We headed to Central for dinner and decided to go for Zabon Ramen.


As soon as we entered, the staff shout something in Japanese, I assume they’re saying welcome… They tend to do this in every Japanese restaurant we’ve been to.

We were shown to our table and given an order form.

I love small menus, as I’m really indecisive when it comes to food, because I always want to try a bit of everything!

Also, filling in a form for food is my idea of a good time.


The restaurant is small and cosy with an open kitchen, where you can watch the chefs preparing your meal!


I went for the Sakura Shrimp Ramen with pork fillet, Sakura shrimps, egg, bamboo shoot and cabbage. The combination of toppings was great, I especially enjoyed the bamboo shoots. I’ll probably order an extra portion next time!

However I was a bit disappointed with the soup as it was too thick for my liking.


Ryan went for the Zabon Ramen with pork fillet, egg, spring onion, cabbage and fried onion.

He loved his choice, but found the pork too chewy and dry.

Mr Owers gives this a 7.5/10.


We’ve been saving the best for last.


Ryan and I absolutely loved our sides of deep fried oysters and Japanese dumplings. The oysters were cooked to perfection. The layer of breadcrumbs was surprisingly thin and the oysters were surprisingly juicy. Combined with a dollop of tartar sauce…SO GOOD.

The dumplings tasted fresh and went perfectly with the rice vinegar.


Despite the change of plan, we still had a great day! 😀



Big Buddha post coming soon 😉



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