June through Instagram

Can’t believe it’s August already, time flies! I’ve only just gotten round to blogging about our about our adventures by the end of June! Here’s a little overview of June’s Instagram photos, lovingly curated by Ryan as Photoshop confuses me.


1 – Ryan in his tie dye shorts from the market outside our flat

2 – Nomming on Mother’s Day cake

3 – Dunking all his Tronkie chocolate bars into peanut butter

4 – Tucking into the grim sausage from my fry-up that I refused to eat.


1 and 2 – Inspired by Furry Little Peach to draw a couple of her pieces. She’s such a talented girl, go check her out! ^.^

3 – One of my favourite students drew a picture of us. I call her ‘Crazy Vivianne’ because she laughs at everything, randomly starts Gangnam-Stylin’ in the middle of class and draws pictures like this… I love my long, orange hair and blue cheeks!

4 – Another favourite student did a drawing of the three of us as fairies! Po is the smartest 5 year old I’ve ever met, her standard of English now is probably better than my standard of Chinese!


1 – My favourite sushi pack from Jusco that I used to get every Saturday for lunch, but they’ve stopped doing them these days! 😦 I especially love the fried fish, mango and lettuce rolls!

2 – Suprisingly good seafood udon from a little café down the road.

3 – Our first Pizza Hut delivery in Hong Kong, yum!

4 – Ryan cooked for himself :/


1 – I bought my classes this toy in May. All the rods and some of the fish were broken by July, bloody kids!

2 – Making a dinosaur fossil out of pasta in arts and crafts class.

3 – Cute cup from our Café De Coral takeaway.

4 – A warm welcoming to Tuen Mun outside the MTR station.


1 – Ryan plaited my hair.

2 – 50p dream catcher from a car boot sale in England. I miss car boots so much, wish they had them over here!

3 – The back of Monki’s receipts are awesome. Such a cool shop, reminds me of a mix between Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

4 – A Pusheen cat for every occasion ^.^

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