The Beach

It’s a bit bleak when you look back at pictures from past summers, only to realize that you had a better tan in the UK than in Asia! (Ahh, the days of sunbathing in the garden to avoid doing your dissertation).

To correct this, we visited our local beach, the Gold Coast!

We went on a weekday and the place was pretty much deserted apart from a couple of guys working on their impressive tans and old men swimming!



The beach is pretty nice, though a little shingley.

Unfortunately the downside of having a beach in the city is that you do get rubbish in the sea :/ We had the fortune of coming across chicken bones, eaten corn on the cobs and a sanitary towel…

Though we found a nice clean spot to take a picture 🙂




Nevertheless, we made the most of the free swimming opportunity, as it’s cleaner further out 🙂

We even got a lilo for the occasion – they are ridiculously difficult to get on though! Here’s a little Instagram video to prove it, featuring Ryan’s debut as a gay shark.


These guys were having the best time shoulder to shoulder, moving with the water as one. I tried doing it by myself, but just got a load of shingle in my bikini bottoms :/


Ryan rocking out on some granite.


For a beach in the city, this’ll do! ^.^






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