King’s Belly

Last month, we were invited to Ness and Rico’s local pub in Tai Po, with the promise of some proper British food. We were sold!

Tucked in an alley that only the locals would know, we arrived to be greeted by smiles from Ness and Rico on comfy leather sofas at the back of the pub with a bowl of gravy and chips 🙂

For our late dinner, Ryan went for a fry up, which he described as a “Chinese knock-off of the Full Monty.” Unfortunately they were a bit stingy with the beans and bacon.


I went for the Cottage Pie, which I had been craving for ages! I would try and make one myself at home but we don’t have an oven, yet :/

I was really pleased with my choice! As cottage pie is one of my favourite meals, this one really hit the spot with its thick cheesy topping and beautifully flavoured meaty bottom! The prices were around £10, but totally worth it for some decent British food.


After dinner we went for an old school game of aeroplane chess, narrowly defeated by Rico and Ness 😦


At least we beat Mike and Kovina 😉



Board-gaming half-time coaster picture. You can tell these guys are top pals.


Next up, Scrabble…


Ryan was missing his bestie </3


This picture’s not a good representation of the night though, we were laughing through most of it, but I had to get this on the sly because Kovina doesn’t like getting her photo taken (even though she’s super pretty)!


However Ry loves it (even though he’s not so gorgeous) :p


All in all, a great night with delicious British food, good friends and board games.

King’s Belly, thanks for having us 🙂





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