Auntie Fong’s Birthday

In July, we celebrated my auntie’s birthday with a family meal in a Chinese restaurant.

It was an awesome night, full of banter and good food. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the food, but it was quite similar to what we had at my nan’s birthday.

It was a pretty traditional birthday meal including: roast mixed meats, spaghetti with lobster, sharks fin soup, steamed fish, roast chicken, vegetables and fried rice.

Here’s the birthday girl!


These are her longevity buns (or bum cakes, as I like to call them).

These buns are shaped like peaches and usually filled with either lotus or red bean paste. Peaches are traditionally associated with long life and immortality.

Having done a little online research, I found that this association originated from a Ming Dynasty novel, whereby the immortal Queen Mother of the West held celestial peach parties for fellow immortals. Consequently, presenting someone with longevity buns on their birthday symbolises a wish for them to live a long life.


I’m not a fan, but Ry loves them!


Now, this is my kind of cake!

You get your 5 a day and everything, what’s not to love?!



In Hong Kong, it’s common to bring your own wine to dinner and my uncle always brings a bottle of red, without fail.

He didn’t let the language barrier stop him from bonding with Ryan by constantly refilling his glass and getting him to down endless wine during the night!


It was so nice to see Cherry, as she was back for the summer holidays, though she’s back in Australia now 😦


This picture pretty much sums up the night!


Stay tuned for our next post on Cheung Chau Island, one of my favourite places for a daytrip ^.^



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