Are those chopsticks? Or are you just happy sashimi?

Before watching Pacific Rim, we went to the Japanese restaurant opposite the TMT Plaza cinema for dinner.

It’s the same one that we went to on the day that Ryan arrived in Hong Kong! (Unfortunately it doesn’t have an English name, so I can’t link you guys.)


Ryan went for the Curried Pork Udon. He would have preferred ramen but this restaurant specialises in handmade udon. However he found the portion size too small, as most of it was filled with soup. Also there was too little meat.

He gave it 5/10.


We also had some yummy Japanese dumplings to share, with a side of rice vinegar.


I went for a Bento Box, which came with a bowl of handmade udon and miso soup.

I also opted for a lychee soda, which was lovely and refreshing 🙂Image

This is the first Bento Box I’ve ever had, which was pretty exciting! I chose a set that came with tuna and salmon sashimi, cooked prawns and crabsticks; a curried chicken patty; squid, sweet omelette, ark shell and salmon sushi; vegetable tempura.

Unfortunately you have to order the meals as sets, where the sushi and sashimi are always the same but you can change the other 2 sections. I gave the tuna sashimi and sweet omelette sushi to Ryan as I wasn’t a fan. The curry patty was quite strange, while the vegetable tempura was tasty dipped in rice vinegar.


The handmade udon had a great texture and the miso soup was flavoured really well 🙂


I’d give this a 7/10 for taste, portion size and value for money. The service is also pretty efficient. However it would be ideal if you could have more options for the Bento Box.

Nevertheless we’d recommend this place if you fancy a cheap, tasty Japanese meal ^.^

PS. Pacific Rim was epic!



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