July through Instagram


1 – Mini Totoro ornaments to hang in our room and one for Craig’s birthday 🙂

2 – The cutest little plant on the table outside the Rainbow Café on Cheung Chau Island

3 – The packaging for our postcards from the Rainbow Café

4 – An adorable little peach on a billboard


1 – A new plant for the spare room

2 – Dinner and cocktails with Cherry at Outback Steakhouse

3 – The view on my work breaks

4 – Awesome reflections after a rainy morning


1 – I’ve been meaning to get these nail colours for ages, so happy to finally have them!

2 – Not a massive fan of Quiksilver, but these mermaid prints are rad.

3 – The prints inspired me to draw my own mermaid

4 – I bought Sarah a kimono for her birthday ^.^


1 – Ryan wanted a picture with his Cap’n Crunch

2 – Our first KFC delivery!

3 – So refreshing.

4 – Making sharks in the craft lessons at work


1 – McDonalds for lunch

2 – Fish burger and chicken wings

3 – Ness with her favourite birthday card 😉

4 – Dinner at Gaylord’s for Ness’s birthday.


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