June – July: Video Diary and Miscellaneous

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while.

My gorgeous friend Sarah and her man-friend Luke came to visit us last week and we were out exploring every day!

I’ve only just recovered and thought I’d better get cracking on these posts as I have loads of adventures to share with you all!

So I thought I’d round up June and July with some photos that didn’t quite make it into posts, but I liked them too much not to pop them up here!

The first two were taken on the day that we went to see The Big Buddha on Lantau Island.


This kid was so adorable getting his photo taken ^.^


Ryan took this great picture of a frog on our way back to the cable cars.


I got seduced by the pop art style packaging for these sweets, though I’m a sucker for sour sweets anyway!


Cool lights on Lockhart Road in Wanchai. Although it was once primarily known as a red light district, the area is now much more mixed, with bars, pubs and restaurants. However the street is still dotted with strip clubs and scantily clad girls! Saucy 😉

These last three photos were taken on our trip to Cheung Chau Island.


The fish-shaped waffles look amazing, we’ll have to try them next time!


Chilling on his boat.


Coke always tastes better in a glass bottle!

Finally, here’s a video of our adventures over June – July, hope you enjoy it! 😀


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