Day 6 – Mui Wo (Lantau Island)

Saturday 24th August

After recovering from the non-stop travelling at home on a stormy Friday, I rejoined Sarah and Luke for my final full day with them!

The plan was to spend our last day chilling out on the beach, but unfortunately it was raining when I left the house so I didn’t have my hopes up. Nevertheless the weather had perked up by the time that I reached Central to meet my adventure buddies.

We took the ferry over to Mui Wo, which is a rural town on the Eastern coast of Lantau Island in Hong Kong.

Arriving on the island, the weather was still holding up, awesome! 😀



We walked around the sleepy town, passing strangely named shops, bars and markets on the way.

According to the internet, the town is well known for the feral water buffalos and cows that roam the area, but unfortunately we didn’t come across any!


While we were walking, the weather got increasingly hot and the beach was calling us!

I bought a new bikini from a beach-side shop, got changed and made our way onto Silver Mine Bay Beach, which is the main beach in Mui Wo. (This is actually a photo that I took later in the day, where it was beginning to get dark).


We finished our ciders and went for a much needed swim!




After swimming, Sarah and Luke went to check out the rock pools, while I sunbathed.

However, as I tried to get up when they returned, I felt really dizzy and everything was blurry. I put my arm around Sarah and attempted to walk into the shade, but almost passed out on the beach. Haha, so dramatic!

Luckily all of this happened right in front of the lifeguard hut, so they helped me up and gave me a blanket, some warm water and biscuits, woo, free food! After a little while, I felt a bit better. I couldn’t believe that it was almost 4pm! I hadn’t had anything to eat since around 11am, had had a cider and been lying in the sun – no wonder I wasn’t feeling great!

We got changed and made our way to the nearest restaurant, which was the Beach Resort (conveniently located by the beach!) We settled into the comfy chairs and Sarah and I both ordered the duck vermicelli, which is literally the best vermicelli I’ve ever had! We’d thoroughly recommend it! 😀


After lunch, feeling much better, we rocked down to the other side of the beach and saw lots of people collecting shellfish in little buckets…


Some were even collecting in the sea!


So we thought we’d have a look round and see what all the fuss was about.




We found lots of small clams (that we gave to some collectors) and hermit crabs!

Some were fighting over potential new shells/homes!


Luke also took a photo of these guys burning a paper dragon on the beach, not sure what they were up to.

I’m pretty sure it’s death/worship related…


This is our last photo together from the week! 😦

I just want to crawl inside Sarah’s dimples and live there. In a totally non-creepy way.


As the sky began to darken, we made our way back to the ferry where Sarah indulged in her favourite past-time: CANDY CRUSH! 😉


We made our way to Sheung Wan for dinner with Giles and Lihui. They took us to a Cha Chaan Teng (literally meaning ‘tea restaurant’), known for their affordable menus, including Hong Kong dishes and HK-style Western cuisine.

Again, I was too hungry to take any photos, but I vaguely remember having chicken curry, steamed fish, vegetables, some kind of pork/squid dish with steamed rice.


Sunday 25th August

As I couldn’t take Sunday off, I met Sarah and Luke after work to have a final drink and a giant slice of Paisano’s pizza, though I couldn’t eat mine till I got home as I was too upset that they were leaving!

Here’s a little video of our trip with snippets from Ocean Park and Disneyland 🙂

Thank you so much for visiting me, I had the most amazing time travelling around with you guys! 😀

25.8 - Sarah and Luke leaving =(




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