August through Instagram


1 –  Jess arrived on the afternoon of the 9th.  I showed her around Mong Kok, the busiest district in the world, on her first day…turns out there was a Hello Kitty Exhibition on at Langham Place!

2 – The dizzy heights of Langham Place

3 – She treated us to a lovely Thai dinner. Cheers!

4 – Pick n’ mixin’


1 – Lucas insisted on labeling his picture…

2 – I love how Jolie made herself look all fancy, whereas I’m just an average stick-girl.

3 – Apparently Neo and I are getting the bus home together. A happy picture is pretty rare as he usually loves drawing pictures of me crying :/

4 –Nick went to town on this Totoro masterpiece!


1 – New pillow covers!

2 – Sexy celery man.

3 – Sexy cat ice-cream man.

4 – The best $10 I’ve ever spent.


1 – Ryan finally got some headphones so I can do stuff in peace! :p

2 – He thoroughly recommends them! Check them out here.

3 – I saw this in my local supermarket and just had to get it for Nikki! Audrey, cats and chocolate – it’s as if it was made for her! 😉

4 – A last minute purchase at the Tai O Fishing Village.


These are a few of my favourite photos from various copies of Vivi, an awesome Japanese fashion magazine. I can’t read it, but the girls are stunning, the clothes are lush and the photos are gorgeous, so I’m alright with that.



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