In the night garden

Depicting another side of Hong Kong besides its glittering neon lights or iconic harbour, Kwan Kam Cheong’s stunning photos illustrate Mong Kok’s gritty nightlife. Inspired by the black and white night time photography, Ry and I grabbed the camera and took a spontaneous jaunt across the road to Tuen Mun Park at 11pm.

I’m actually really lazy and haven’t learnt much about photography; I just tend to put it on a manual setting and fiddle around with the lighting until I’m happy with the image.

I also avoid using the flash and rarely edit photos, but I hope you enjoy them anyway!

The first thing that we came across was this couple getting a little bit steamy 😉


Hey Tuen Mun!


The novelty of an empty checkers area warranted a photo.



A couple of guys playing their flutes in the amphitheater.


Creepy trees that remind me of the scene when Snow White was running away from her evil stepmother in the forest.


Blurry reflections in the pond.


Mid-Autumn Festival animal lantern preparations.


The cleaners’ cupboard.


A surprising number of cats were hanging around the park at night.

We even saw one eat and throw up a frog :/


Ending with a spot of colour!





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