September through Instagram


1 – Beautiful flowers in Lok Fu

2 – At Mike’s birthday

3 – The ‘Chocolate Lover’ fro-yo dessert from the Smile Yogurt and Dessert Bar

4 – Gorgeous butterfly and flower lamps


1 – One of Ryan’s students drew a picture of him standing on a bear

2 – Chilling in our pool

3 – Fountains in Tin Shui Wai

4 – Another classic drawing from my pal Neo. Check out his other drawings here.


1 – Jess took us to a cooked food market in Mong Kok. The place was grimy, but the food was delicious and cheap! 😀

2 – KFC delivery

3 – My usual at Outback Steakhouse 😀

4 – A chocolate chip waffle from Choux Crème


1 – Ryan and his mooncake during the Mid-Autumn Festival

2 – Having a hotpot at home


Finally, we’ll leave you with the view from our apartment 🙂


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