Mong Kok

October started in the best way possible – with a public holiday (to celebrate National China Day).

We spent the day with Jess and her friends on a gorgeous beach on Lantau Island. However we didn’t take enough photos to do the place justice in a blog post, so we promise to return soon and share our trip with you 😉

In the mean time, here’s a few pictures of a day trip to Mong Kok.

Check out the gorgeous view from the bus on the way!


We started out in the Fa Yuen Street Market, where I purchased a colourful tie-dye dress and Ryan bought some snazzy shorts to lounge around in. We mentioned this stall before, such great clothes at bargain prices!

I also bought some delicious spicy fishballs; food on a stick is always more fun 😉


Mong Kok is an absolutely fascinating place to wander around and get lost in.


Being the busiest district in the world, it is full of little nooks and crannies that you wouldn’t think of looking around if you were in a rush to get to a particular destination.

For example, Ryan and I stumbled around a small electronics mall and came across a tiny sex shop at the top! Speaking of which…


I’d hate to be the one cleaning up after a two hour stay :/


Even having done some online research, I still have no idea what this place is for.

If anyone has any ideas, please enlighten us!


Conveniently next to this strangely named clinic was a small shop by the name of Eggroll Queen.

I’ve never been a big fan of eggrolls, but the sweet, buttery smell of a fresh batch being made was too much to resist!

We opted for three original flavoured eggrolls for $12 (£1!)


They were absolutely amazing; light, buttery, warm goodness melting in your mouth!


Wandering until we got hungry, we ended the night with vegetarian curries in Miss India as the guy who’s always advertising it by the Ladies Market is exceptionally enthusiastic! Unfortunately the curry was too spicy and watery for my taste, but Ry loved it!

Hope everyone’s having a great day! 😀



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