Junk Boat

October 14th was a public holiday for the Chung Yeung Festival, which is a day for worshipping your ancestors.

I did my worshiping a few days later as Ness had very kindly organized a Junk Boat for us.

It was mine and Ryan’s first trip on one, so we were really excited!

We met at Sai Kung Pier at 10am, meeting the other 20 passengers for the day. Everyone was either a friend, or friend of a friend or cousin of a friend – you get the idea!

We excitedly hopped on the boat and sailed out to sea, leaving Sai Kung behind us…


We passed some awesome scenery including mountains, waterfalls and secluded beaches before anchoring in our chosen spot for the day.

The day started off with catching up with friends and making the most of the few rays of sun peeking out from the overcast sky!




After a lunch buffet of noodles, rice and finger food, Jess and I decided to try our hand at kayaking as we were both feeling pretty seasick on the boat.

Suprisingly the feeling of seasickness completely vanished!

Unsuprisingly I was crap at kayaking so Jess did most of the work as I unintentionally kept sailing us into the wrong direction and almost crashed into boats.



We made it all the way over to the beach. It would have been pretty picturesque, if it wasn’t for the large amounts of litter :/


Our victorious return! 😀 I don’t think I could look more Asian if I tried.


While Jess and I went for a gentle swim, Ryan jumped off the top of the boat…


So Baywatch.


Although the skies were overcast, the sea was still warm, so I stayed in the water for as long as I could to avoid feeling seasick on the boat.

I can honestly say that this trip made me do the most swimming that I’ve ever done in a day!

When the speedboat was free, 5 of us went out wakeboarding. I didn’t try as there wasn’t enough time at the end, but Ry did and he got it after about 10 attempts! :p

Ness got a picture of one of his earlier efforts 🙂


When we made our way back to the junk boat, Ryan and I made another trip over to the beach on the kayak.

Unfortunately by the time that we returned, we had to head back to shore so we missed out on the banana boat 😦


Guess we’ll have to organize another junk for next Summer 😉


Goodbye 8 hours at sea…



Hello land and seafood restaurants!


We went for dinner at Hung Kee Seafood Restaurant as it had the most impressive shellfish selection.

Plus they were the only restaurant with a neon sign shaped like a fish, so that won my vote.



I can’t even begin to explain to you how good it felt to be on land with good food, after floating all day!

The scallops with vermicelli, spring onion and fried garlic were immense (bottom right).


However be warned that the restaurant does charge a ridiculous amount for the peanuts and shallots that they leave at your table, regardless of whether you eat them or not.

That was a pleasant surprise.


Despite this, it was a pretty fun day!

Big thanks to Ness for letting me nab a few of her photos and organizing everything for this trip! 😀



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