Genki Sushi

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, we finally got round to starting Breaking Bad last week and have been absolutely addicted!

Now that we’re back, we wanted to tell you about one of our favourite restaurants. It’s an awesome chain called Genki Sushi, which was established in Japan in 1990. The chain expanded to include locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuwait and the US.

Just look out for their logo!


We’re usually given a place by the conveyor belt which is awesome as you can just pick up anything that you like the look of.

Though on this occasion, we were given a table.

Although this was initially a little disappointing, my mind was instantly changed when I saw that we were given a checklist-menu!

This is my idea of a good time, so of course we got a little bit over excited…


We started off with some of my favourite sushi: White Cockle, Jumbo Scallop, Steamed Whelk, Cucumber Rolls and Fried Shrimp Rolls (which are hot and crunchy when they arrive at your table).

All of the shellfish tastes so fresh!


Wanting to try something new, we went for the Fried Oyster Gunkan, which we had never noticed on the menu before.


Hot juicy oysters in a light crunchy coating, sitting on a bed of perfectly soft rice, wrapped in seaweed!


Continuing on our food odyssey, we also ordered the Salted Squid Tempura, Ryan’s favourite Cheese Balls and Takoyaki Balls (filled with diced octopus, pickled ginger and spring onion).

I’m not a massive fan of fried food, but Ry loved it!




We also ordered some Surf Clam sushi (how awesome are those colours?!) and my favourite Jumbo Scallop sushi! 😀


Finally we finished off with a deliciously light Japanese Chocolate Cake ^.^


Having discovered that they also do takeaway, the idea of eating the perfect sushi and watching Breaking Bad was too much to resist (especially when we only live 5 minutes away)!

Ry went for his favourite Boston Rolls (filled with cream cheese, salmon and avocado) and tried out the Grilled Rib and Beef Tataki Sushis, which he’d thoroughly recommend! 😀


Finally, here’s a cheeky little Instagram of my dish 😉


Here’s our fuel for the final 4 episodes! (We got a little overexcited…)


So if you fancy some epic sushi, go check them out 😉



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