Quarry Bay

After discovering that Transformers 4 was being filmed in Quarry Bay, Ryan was pretty keen to pop over to see if we could spot any action the next day.

Quarry Bay is an area beneath Mount Parker in the Eastern District of Hong Kong Island.

The name of the district originates from the fact that it was once a bay where quarried rocks from the hillside were transported by ship.

We arrived to be greeted by these awesome contrasting high rises…


Wandering around, looking out for anything that looked remotely Transformer/Michael Bay-like, we came across this cool building that gave off a bit of a Space Invader vibe, don’t you think?


Although Quarry Bay was traditionally an industrial and residential district, the number of commercial buildings has increased over the past 2 decades.

This was highly evident through the numerous, shiny high rises that we came across…



We could definitely understand why they chose to film Transformers here, as the area was filled with high-end cars in every direction.

You name it, they had it; Mercedes, Porsches, Aston Martins, Bentleys etc.

We didn’t get any photos of the cars, but we’ve got something even better for you…

Check out our Asian Girl Poses.

I know right, what a treat! 😉



Unfortunately we couldn’t find Mike and the Transformers gang, so we just decided to call it a day and headed to Pacific Coffee for one of my favourite drinks (a Passionfruit Chillino, which is like a creamy fruit smoothie), while Ryan went for a blueberry cheesecake, yum!


On our way to the MTR station, we also came across some graffiti. Anything whale-related always grabs my attention!


We popped over to Mid-Levels in Central and went for a Vietnamese/Thai dinner at Soho Spice.

I ordered a Seafood Pad Thai (left), while Ry had Spicy Beef Rice Noodles.

The food was pretty average so I’m not going to go into detail about it.

Ryan rated his meal with ‘an indifferent 5/10 on a scale of awesome to ham-flavoured Bachelors noodles.’


After dinner, we wandered around Central, passing Einstein, Wonder Woman and Halloween decorations in LKF…




…before trying on some wooly hats and heading home! ^.^





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