Tin Hau

After seeing Giles’s amazing photo of theatrical smoke coming out of an ice cream parlour; I had to find out where it was and make my way there asap! Turns out it was in Tin Hau on Hong Kong Island, which is somewhere we’ve never visited before. This was a bonus because you know how much we like visiting new places and seeing new things!

As we arrived in Tin Hau, we were greeted by a little Italian takeout, where Ryan bought a slice of pizza and I opted for some fish fingers which I had been craving for ages. We strolled over to Victoria Park and had our snacks on the stands, silently cheering on the old football players.

Unfortunately my fish fingers were nothing on my uni staple of Bird’s Eyes 100% Fish Fillets.




In our search for Lab Made Ice Cream, we came across this epic street name!


Making our way down narrow streets filled with multicultural cuisine, we finally found our destination!

As it was almost Halloween, we decided to go for the Muddy Graveyard…


The ice cream is frozen at -196℃ with super cold Liquid Nitrogen, made to order from scratch, using fresh, quality ingredients. There’s none of those bad additives, colourings or preservatives! As the ice cream is never stored in a freezer, the intense flavours remain intact.

The longer it takes to freeze ice cream, the bigger the ice crystals and the grainier the texture. While commercial ice creams need at least 10 minutes, liquid nitrogen ice cream only takes 60 seconds, resulting in much smaller ice crystals. This produces the smoothest and creamiest ice cream.

As Nitrogen makes up 70% of the air, it’s harmless. Furthermore it is colourless and odourless in its liquid state; therefore it doesn’t affect the quality of the ice cream.


The Muddy Graveyard consisted of bone and heart shaped jelly sweets, topped with gorgeous, creamy chocolate ice cream, popping candy and a RIP biscuit.

We’d definitely recommend it! 😀


After our fill of awesome ice cream; we came across a small, brightly-lit temple, filled to the brim with ornaments, shrines and incense!



As the sky began to darken, Ryan decided that it would be a great idea to walk up a massive flight of stairs and a consequently long hill…


Finally making our way back into the city centre, we looked around the Food Square for a dinner location.

We decided on a cheap Thai restaurant (this seems to be a recurring theme…), where I had a bowl of really good Seafood Noodles in Tom Yum Soup, which was perfectly flavoured.


Ry went for a dish of spicy pork neck, boiled rice and fresh coconut juice.


All in all, a pretty rad day! 😀



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