October through Instagram


1 – Found a jar of Nutella the size of my head!

2 – I got my hair cut

3 – GTA finally arrived!

4 – Ryan rocking another classic Asian Girl Pose


1 – Great sign in Wanchai

2 – Cooked meat

3 – An old lady with her shrines

4 – 5 storeys of fun in Causeway Bay


1 – Our regular order of the Combination Appetizer from Outback

2 – Ryan knows how to cheer me up!

3 – My auntie treated me to dinner 🙂

4 – One of Ryan’s students gave him a beautiful popstar trading card


1 – The most accurate drawing of me so far by a five year old

2 – A little analogue number from May

3 – Chilling by the fountains and mountains

4 – One of my favourite outfits


1 –  Hello Kitty cakes

2 – My favourite Raspberry Cheesecake from Pacific Coffee

3 – The Triple Chocolate Crème Puff from Choux Crème

4 – Fat boy strikes again…

I also took my little fat legs out for a spin in the park, if you fancy checking it out 🙂


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