Sham Shui Po

When we left you last time, we’d pretty much done all our Christmas shopping in one night.

However we had a few bits and bobs to add to the collection, so we headed into Sham Shui Po.

We started off with the Apliu Street Flea Market, in the hope of finding something for Ryan’s dad, who’s a bit of a collector of curiosities. The market is essentially a jumble of new and second-hand computers, electronics and accessories. Some traders also stock antique watched, old coins and other relics.

Unfortunately we didn’t have any luck here though!


Moving onto presents for Ryan’s mum, Sham Shui Po would be her idea of Heaven as she loves making her own jewellery.

The streets are lined with bead shops, with every shape, material and colour you could wish for!



In one of the shops, we heard a loud ‘MEOW!’ while we were rummaging through the rows and rows of drawers full of unique beads.

We turned around to see a big white cat lurking around the fish jug…


How beautiful are his eyes?!


Loving these space-themed beads that we got for Ry’s mum!


Following a half-successful shopping trip, we made our way over to the Temple Street Night Market, in search of antiques for Ryan’s dad.


The market sells a lot of stock that is similar to the Ladies’ Market, such as clothes, accessories and general souvenirs.

However they also specialize in second hand goods, antiques and fortune-telling.


Ryan got his dad a fake Omega pocket-watch from a friendly market vendor, who even popped it into a little red envelope for him!

The detail of the aesthetics and clockwork are pretty interesting 🙂



So, that’s all our Christmas shopping done! Time for another cake-break…


Beats Mcdonalds in the UK, huh? 😉

After we had rested our feet and praised ourselves on our great finds, I made my way over to Mong Kok to meet Jess and her friends for dinner at Mr Wong’s.

(Ry went home to play GTA, the cheeky monkey!)


It was quite bizarre being the only Asian customer, in a restaurant full of white people in Hong Kong!

As for the owner, Mr Wong…he’s a very enthusiastic and somewhat eccentric man.

After dinner, Jess introduced me to an eclectic café by the name of Full Cup Café. As I’ve said before, Mong Kok is full of surprises. We entered a pretty dodgy looking building to be greeted by a Hipster’s paradise; rooms filled with mismatched vintage chairs and miscellaneous bric-a-brac for decoration. I loved it!

I had a lush Yellow Frappe, which I’ve Instagrammed for your viewing pleasure 😉


There’s quite a few floors in the building to explore, so I’ll definitely be back 😉



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