Queenie’s Birthday!

December 3rd saw me turn 23 this year!

Unfortunately I had work on my birthday, but luckily it’s one of my quietest teaching days and I had the next 4 days off for Leo and Em’s stopover from Thailand to Fiji, so I didn’t mind!

It was lovely to wake up to presents… I received a cool French film from Til and Ry got me some awesome presents too! 😀


I only opened one in the morning, so that I’d have another present to look forward to when I got home!

I already knew that one of them would be the Lomography City Guide to Hong Kong, as Ry offered to buy it for me when we went to Sheung Wan last week. It’s full of beautiful photos and new places for us to visit; it’s also inspired me to make more use of the Diana Mini that he got me a few Christmases ago!

The package also contained my beloved Malteaster Bunnies (which I thought were only available at Easter, but apparently not)…and crispy M&M’s, which I’m a big fan of.

What a great start to the day! ^.^


I essentially get 4 hours free on most Tuesdays mornings, unless I get a child coming in for a make-up class, so I usually spend 2 free periods on my laptop.

Knowing this, Ry had snuck a birthday card into my bag, the cheeky monkey!

It was such a lovely surprise, especially because it was a pop up card!

I put it on my shelf and just chilled out, caught up on a few blogs and watched Made in Chelsea until lunch.


Tuesdays are for group meetings, so myself and the 3 other teachers always have lunch together. Kyle was really generous and treated us all to Pizza Hut, which was lovely!

After lunch and a meeting, they presented me with a surprise birthday cake – thank you so much! 😀


After 4 hours of teaching, I headed home, looking forward to opening my other presents!

When Ry returned from work, he had also got me some pretty Carnations and a little flowering plant 😀

Hastily unwrapping my present, I found that he had also bought me a knitted grey jumper; perfect for December!

I’ll be sporting it a little later in this post 😉



As we planned to watch Catching Fire, we had dinner in the Japanese restaurant opposite the cinema, which is conveniently where we had lunch on the day that Ry arrived in HK! Unfortunately the restaurant doesn’t have an English name, so I can’t link you to it (it’s opposite the cinema in the TMT Plaza).

Birthday celebrations obviously call for trying out every dish on the menu 😉



We had: black pepper beef with handmade udon, scallop and cockle sushi, fried pork dumplings, tofu in a sesame sauce, shrimp tempura nigiri, cheeseballs, whelk tops…


…and a scallop, shrimp roe and seaweed handroll, which we’d definitely recommend!


After our delicious dinner, we spotted a photo-op outside the restaurant…


Here’s the jumper that Ry bought me!


Finally we excitedly made our way over to the cinema, chocolate popcorn at the ready, for Catching Fire!


IT’S SUCH A GOOD FILM; I urge you to see it while it’s still on the big screen!

I mean, just look at how good the trailer is…

Despite having work, I had a great birthday – big thanks to Ryan, Kyle, Tim and Annette for making it extra special! 😀



6 thoughts on “Queenie’s Birthday!

  1. was a great film indeedy queenie! LOL at Ryan’s birthday messages 🙂 that’s our random humour for sure! 😀 i lolled a bit.
    sounds like a FAB-UL-LOSA day. How awesome of your fellow teachers to do what they did 🙂

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