Discovery Bay

As I had work on my birthday, the next day was dedicated to doing one of my favourite things: visiting somewhere new!

I wanted to check out a new island, so we headed down to the Central Piers, with the aim of visiting Peng Chau.

However the next ferry wasn’t leaving for another 45 minutes, so we went for Discovery Bay (situated on the East coast of Lantau Island) instead. Similar to Lamma Island, we found that most of the passengers were expatriates, mainly French-speaking in this case.

We popped on the ferry, excited to see what was in store for us, having no background information on the island…



I was so happy that the sun was out!


Upon arrival, we were greeted by a very clean and spacious area with lots of greenery.

We later discovered that Discovery Bay is a primarily residential development comprising of private and public recreational activities.

As private vehicles are banned and the area is very nature orientated; the environment feels clean and tranquil.

It’s a great place to relax and escape the traffic and crowds of Hong Kong.



Look at that view!



Loving the Christmas decorations with the sunny beach in the background; it seemed a bit surreal!



The area has been described as a ‘Pleasantville’ version of Hong Kong, due to the fact that their residents drive golf carts, mostly speak English and work white-collar jobs. It’s undeniable that the place gives off a very European vibe.

There is currently a population of around 18,000 residents, mainly consisting of expatriates from over thirty countries!


Discovery Bay offers one of the largest oceanfront dining destinations in Hong Kong, known as D’Deck.

There is a variety of international cuisine with 20 restaurants along the waterfront promenade.

Although the restaurants are a little pricey, the relaxed open-air alfresco setting and gorgeous sea views make up for it!

We opted for lunch at an Italian restaurant by the name of Sopranos.

Ry had a delicious meat-feast pizza! 😀


Let’s get a close up of that bad boy…perfectly cheesy and meaty!

The portion was big enough for two!


In fact, I wish we’d just shared it as my Chicken Fajita was pretty disappointing. The chicken was flavourless and the wraps were tiny!

(Note to D-Bay visitors: Upon spending $100 at any of the designated D’Deck restaurants, you can enjoy a free ferry ride back to Central. So remember to keep your receipt!)


After lunch, we ventured around the island a little more but didn’t find much to do, due to its limited shopping options and members-only recreation clubs (e.g. a golf course, private club houses and a marina).

D-Bay is also the starting point for some hiking trails, though we were feeling a tad too lazy to do them…maybe next time!

We just took a relaxing stroll along the beach instead.




Ry even skimmed a few stones…I still can’t get the knack of it!


Despite not having much to do; Discovery Bay is a great place to relax by the sea for an afternoon, away from the hustle and bustle of the city!

Furthermore, as D-Bay is fairly close to Disneyland, you’ll be able to see their firework displays every night at 8pm – what a treat! 😉



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