Well, I’ll tell you what we did, Zooey and JGL – you ridiculously adorable pair, you!

The plan was to meet Rico et al on the Avenue of Stars to watch the fireworks.

However by the time that we made it into TST after work, a quick dinner and getting ready, the MTR exit that we needed had already been shut off, so we shuffled into the crowd.


This never ending swarm of people that came from every direction.



Unfortunately we didn’t manage to meet up with Rico, but we did get to admire the Peninsula’s festive decorations for at least an hour.


There were some performances going on…


Yes, that is a man in a silver outfit dancing in smoke and green lasers.


There wasn’t really much of a countdown, we just heard a few people as they got to 4, 3, 2, 1 and realized that it was 2014!

Sadly, we had gotten to an even worse position than before, whilst shuffling with the crowd, so we had a pretty limited view of the fireworks (I assume that they were incredible down by the harbour!)

Still, a few fireworks are better than none! 😀




Now all we had to do was make our way home…


Oh no!


If you can’t laugh in these situations, you’d probably cry.

Although our original plan was to go for a few drinks after the fireworks, we figured that wouldn’t be such a good idea judging from the crowds.

So we made our way home, stopping by McDonalds for a chocolate sundae \m/


Despite the slightly disappointing NYE, the important thing is to remember that we were together! 😀 (A little bit of cheese never hurt anyone…unless they’re lactose-intolerant)


Plus, things can only get better for 2014 😉 



One thought on “NYE

  1. Absolutely correct Q. You may not have seen a lot of the fireworks but you were together. I got a better view on the tv but I was alone (shame) and even worse, I did not get a chocolate sundae. J

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