December through Instagram


1 – The most amazing blueberry cheesecake at our work’s annual dinner

2 – They replaced the benches outside our building with these adorable characters ^.^

3 – Cat chillin’ on the flower market

4 – I need to try this! It seems to be a new trend…


1 – Ry and his Goldibear army

2 – I found this picture really funny

3 – Ellie did some drawings at home and brought them in for me :’)

4 – Christmas selfie


1 – Hot Sake on Christmas Eve

2 – Standard Genki take out

3 – The awesome Christmas Whale outside our apartment

4 – HELLO!


1 – A Christmas card from one of my favourite students

2 – I received some amazing homemade biscuits from another student

3 – Ry received a big tin of Japanese cookies

4 – Fancy chocolates from a kindergarten cutie



1 – Chinese-style Christmas card from Sheung Wan

2 – Inspired by Jess to put together some Christmas presents for refugee children in HK!

3 – Giant baubles at the IFC mall

4 – Festive cakes at Ry’s usual bakery


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