2013: Part 2 (of 3)

I started my training at work (an English tutoring centre) on the 1st of February and was teaching a few classes under supervision within the first few days. I picked up the work quite quickly and the main challenge that I found was time management in larger classes, when all the children are doing different work at different levels. However this is something that comes with time and practice – I think I’ve got the hang of it by now, haha!

Anyway, this was the view from the classroom – pretty cool huh?!


Mid-way through training, we had 4 days off for Chinese New Year 😀

There were delicious meals and red envelopes galore!

This was some of the best dim sum that I’ve ever had!



Most of my spare time in the early months were spent reading in my auntie’s conservatory, where I set up my pillows and made the most of the sunshine.

One of my favourite reads was a book that Til bought me for my birthday; I urge you to check out Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs!


My auntie also took us on a daytrip to Stanley, which is a very expat-orientated area with beaches, bars and lots of Western food options.

I took quite a few photos on my film camera but unfortunately they didn’t come out.

Luckily I managed to get a photo of our yummy lunch!


I started teaching independently on Valentines Day and I’m pretty sure it went swimmingly, if I remember correctly.

Of course I skyped Ryan, who loved his Totoro!


I loved the poster that Ry made; it takes pride of place in our lounge 🙂


Moving onto April, I took my first trip to LKF to go clubbing!



During the 4-day Easter holiday; myself, Rico, Ness and Mike popped over to Macau.

Our hotel was lovely and we were greeted by an epic fountain display that revealed a giant crystal in the centre (again, my film camera let me down!)

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t on our side either…


…so instead of using the huge outdoor pool and sun loungers, we wandered around the Venetian Hotel.


It was pretty cool to see a river running through the mall, where you could be serenaded on a Gondola!


My highlights of the trip was definitely the food.

We had a great Thai meal in a fancy restaurant in the hotel on our first night, accompanied by some relaxing live music. The authentic tapas Ness recommended on our final day was also great!

I was too excited to tuck in to take photos of the food, but here are a few other snaps from Macao.


Finally, here are my Instagram snaps from February-April 😀


1 – Me being great with children

2 – Red envelopes from Chinese New Year

3 – An adorably decorated fire hydrant in Central

4 – My auntie’s goddaughter’s baby with a giant Monchichi!


1 – So happy to find that they did Malteaster Bunnies in HK!

2 – Some beautiful cakes

3 – Really expensive, beautiful Agnes B chocolates that tasted grim

4 – Epic hard-sugar coated strawberries


1 – Ordering noodles on a computer in MinMix

2 – My noodles with veg, fishballs, intestines and pigs skin in a spicy broth

3 – Stunning rose cake made out of mango!

4 – My auntie and uncle with Josh


1 – So many drugs!

2 – Typical break at work

3 – Gorgeous model in my Vivi magazine

4 – Chillin’ outside Chanel


1 – The Jurassic Park exhibition in our mall

2 – New pets

3 – The biggest, juiciest lobster that I’ve ever had!

4 – Cool cups at a Japanese restaurant

Well, that concludes part 2.

For all you Ryan fans out there, part 3 will be right up your street 😉



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