February through Instagram


Crazy Vivianne gave me a chocolate rose for Valentines Day! ^.^


Palm trees in Tin Shui Wai


Ry made a fruit crumble


Sunset and birds in Sha Tin (not actually Instagrammed, but I thought I’d whack it here anyway)


I don’t think this packaging could get any more Asian if it tried!


Our first proper fry up in HK, courtesy of The Flying Pan in Central


Bacon Mary anyone?!


Paying in a cup


A creepy derelict building at the top of the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery


Awesome cheese grater


Lush $24 cheesecake at La Terrazza in Sha Tin

If you lovely guys and dolls out there enjoy reading our blog, we would absolutely love it if you could leave us a comment on this expat site that we’ve recently joined. It would mean a lot to us! ^.^

R & Q


PS.  I also just discovered this charming little video of HK! 😀


6 thoughts on “February through Instagram

  1. Wish I could have a try at Ryan’s fruit crumble and love the look of the cheesecake from Sha Tin. Sadly a look is all I will get for the time being. Now I must raid my pantry and see what I can do with a dry biscuit. J.

    • Ry’s crumble was good, though it was more like crumble with a bit of fruit, haha! We loved the lemon cheesecake, we thought that it would be a tiny slice for 2 pounds but we were pleasantly surprised! 😀 Good luck with the biscuit! :p

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