March through Instagram


These first 4 photos were taken at the Duddell Street Starbucks in Central. It is the first Starbucks in the world to incorporate a ‘bing sutt’ corner. Although it literally means ‘ice room,’ it refers to Asian coffeehouses in the past, where people enjoyed drinks and Western treats such as fizzy drinks and ice-cream, thus being a fusion of styles and cultures. The mixture of retro Eastern style and contemporary Western coffeehouse design in this Duddell Street Starbucks brings together the timeless heritage of coffee in Hong Kong.


1-      Dinner date with Jess at the Roundhouse Taproom (the food was crap and overpriced though; we wouldn’t recommend it)

2-      Their menu stated ‘pigs in blankets’…the reality was disappointing sausage rolls

3-      Epic discovery!

4-      Pancake day


1 – bare trees

2- I made a card for Kovina’s birthday

3- Kovina, Ness and I at Banmoto (an amazing all you can eat sushi restaurant in Mong Kok – you need to check it out!)

4 – So much sashimi!


1 – Japanese dinner date with Ry

2 – My first ever purchase from the ever so talented Furry Little Peach! She even popped in a free skate sticker for Ry too!

3 – Bit early for Christmas packaging in March!

4 – Noodles


1 – Vietnamese dinner at La’Taste with Jess, Em and Harry

2 – The epic crab and mango rice rolls!

3 & 4 – Beautiful Louis Vuitton window displays in Causeway Bay


1 – I made some postcards for a couple of babes that I miss from back home ❤

2 – Vintage photo for mother’s day!



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