Ryan’s Birthday at Café Lagoon!

As Ry’s birthday fell on a working day this year, we decided to do something extra special for dinner 😀

Though let’s talk presents first…

I snuck out in the middle of the night and slipped his rather sizeable birthday card into his laptop for work…

Turning 24 obviously called for animals wearing party hats serenading a giant burger with a candle on top! 😉


After work, we Skyped his parents and opened presents online!

I bought him a red checked shirt, which he did a fab job of modeling…


…along with some Easter eggs, a snazzy green pair of swimming trunks for Thailand and a t-shirt that arrived a few days later!

I’ve promised him a pair of trainers too, but Ryan’s super fussy when it comes to shoes, so hopefully he’ll find his dream pair one of these days! :p


You may remember that Ry was feeling a little under the weather on our anniversary, so we never made it to Café Lagoon, the fancy buffet at the local Gold Coast Hotel.

As he was feeling better, we decided to celebrate both our anniversary and Ry’s birthday there, so we excitedly popped in a taxi with hungry tummies. As soon as we got there, we rushed over and piled our plates high with all the goodies we could gather!

These photos were taken during a food-break (i.e. waddling around, but still not giving up…)



As shellfish is my favourite kind of food, this was the natural highlight for me! There was such an amazing, fresh selection!

Just looking at this photo brings back so many happy memories! 😀



There is also a great range of fresh sashimi that a lovely lady will pile onto a plate for you.

We had the salmon and octopus which were delish!


The sushi range wasn’t very large and unfortunately didn’t look very appealing, so neither of us gave it a go…


In the evenings, there is also a large outdoor area for further buffet fun (with outdoor seating by the pool too)!

Café Lagoon serves pan-Asian, signature Hong Kong dishes and Western cuisines. This includes barbecues, cooked seafood, freshly prepared congee and noodle dishes, among many others that we can’t even remember!



Check out this fried, spicy prawn the size of my plate!


Our outdoor gathering also included Ryan’s perfectly cooked roast beef; however he was already half way through by the time that I returned so you’ll just have to take his word for it 😉

My plate consists of the delicious suckling pig and pan fried scallops. However the siu-mai with crab roe was a bit too heavy/stodgy for my taste. As I’d never tried truffle before, I figured I’d give the truffle-fried prawns a go, but it turns out that I’m not a massive fan of the truffle flavour! Although Ryan likes truffle, he didn’t think much of them either.


The buffet also includes a salad bar, mixed vegetables, tempura, curries, fried potatoes, along with many Asian dishes.

Another personal favourite of mine was the steamed fish in chili and coriander, which reminded me of my mum’s cooking!


After stuffing our bellies with savoury food, we decided to treat our sweet tooth.

Café Lagoon has a large selection of cakes, mini-desserts, fruit, chocolate fondue, sweets and ice cream!




And of course, every blogger’s favourite French beauty: the macaron!


Ry ate almost as much in desserts as his main meal…



As there was an unlimited buffet time, we were obviously the last customers to waddle out!


Check out this little clip of Ryan’s classic ending to any buffet…

Café Lagoon at the Gold Coast Hotel, Tuen Mun, is a great place to go for a special treat, especially if you’re a big fan of shellfish, barbecued-food and desserts! As they don’t have buffet prices on their website, I just called them up to get a couple of prices for you lovely lot!


Monday – Friday: Open 12-3pm, $238 (plus 10% service charge)

Weekend: Open 11.30-2.30pm, $291 (+10%) (Higher price only due to the fact that it’s the weekend)


All week: Open 6.30-10pm, $528 (+10%)

DISCOUNT: If you pay with any card, you’ll get 20% off your total bill on both lunch and dinner!

They also serve À la carte, to find out more, click here.

Directions here.






4 thoughts on “Ryan’s Birthday at Café Lagoon!

  1. You’ve gotta remind us to go here when Steve and I make our way to HK!!!
    Happy belated birthday, Ryan!! Can’t wait to finally meet you in person.

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