Sushi Triple Date!

May 1st marked one year that Ryan had been in HK!

It also happened to be a public holiday, so we met up with Rico, Ness, Mike and Kovina for dinner in DaiKiYa in TST.

Japanese buffets with sashimi are my favourite! I restrained from taking too many photos, but I just had to get a snap of one of the many beautifully-presented sashimi platters that we ordered. This bad-boy contains: salmon, whelk, scallop and fake abalone, which were delicious!


Although their sushi rolls looked good, they served a bizarre sausage and ketchup number which I wasn’t a fan of…


The restaurant also serves a free order of sea-urchin to any guest whose birthday falls on the month that they’re dining and it just so happened to be Rico’s birthday in May, so we were given this. I’d never tried sea urchin before so was pretty intrigued; however it was one of the most disgusting things I’d ever eaten. I can’t even describe how bad it was. None of us enjoyed it. My theory is that they were just finding an excuse to get rid of it!


After gorging on pretty much everything on the menu, we headed down to Victoria Harbour to walk (read: waddle) off those extra pounds 😉


I’ll never get bored of this view!


Classic tourists.


We were also joined by the world’s most indiscreet photo-bomber.  We could see him sneaking up from a distance and when he finally joined us, our photographer had a little problem with Ness’s camera so our photo-bomber just stayed in that position until they got the camera working again. Hilarious!


Here’s the less awkward version 😉


I hope that every Labour Day will be filled with fantastic food, great friends and awesome views!



8 thoughts on “Sushi Triple Date!

  1. I’ve always wanted to try Daikiya but there always seems to be a queue! And sea urchin is also really yummy when it’s very very fresh or added in fried rice – maybe try it in Sai Kung some time as I think it’ll taste better!

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