Art Basel (Hall 1)

As promised, here are our highlights from Hall 1! We both enjoyed this hall more, mainly because I enjoyed the photography; while Ry thought that a lot of the works here seemed genuinely creative and successful in portraying their messages .

Conquer (2104) – Xu Qu


I didn’t take down the name of this piece, but Ry thought that it was a simple idea to apply to your own creative projects.


However I wasn’t a fan. Although I’m sure there’s some kind of meaning behind the colours and strokes used, I just couldn’t appreciate it as art.


Crowd #3 (Pelican Beach), 2013 – Alex Prager

“Taking aesthetic cues from fashion photography, film, pulp fiction, and her native city of Los Angeles, Alex Prager produces Technicolor photographs with a retro-glam sheen and disturbing, dark undercurrents.”

This photo was right up my street! I loved her photos of different crowds.


International Hotel 8 & 11 (2010) – Fudong Yang

These photos were some of my favourites! 😀

5a 5b

400km north of the equator (2013) & Untitled 3 (anomalies from a candy factory) (2013/14) – Oscar Murillo

It depresses me to think how much money these are worth in the art world.


Today (1988-1992) – John McCracken

“I see the plank as existing between two worlds, the floor representing the physical world of standing objects, trees, cars, buildings, [and] human bodies, … and the wall representing the world of the imagination, illusionist painting space, [and] human mental space.”


45 Degrees Artificial Rock (2014) – Zhan Wang

“A giant rock situated at this dangerous angle means it is constantly on the verge of crashing or rising.”


Beautiful Swooping and Striking Painting (20017) – Damien Hirst


A riding we will go (2104) – Woonwoo Lee

It’s such a shame that there are no descriptions for most of the pieces at Art Basel and I couldn’t find anything about this online either.


SLK 8.29.13C (2013) – Larry Bell

11 12

Untitled (2013) – Heeseung Chung


Renew III (2014) – Mariko Mori

“Without a beginning nor an end, the infinite shapes symbolize the life-cycle, particularly the repetition and continual loop of physical and mental existence. There’s an end, but there’s a rebirth, a new beginning.”


 Flatiron (2007) – Sangbin IM


Of course, no contemporary art exhibition is complete without Tracey Emin.

17 18 19 20 21

China Town (1992-2011) – Chien-Chi Chang

My favourite piece(s) were this series of beautiful photos, illuminating the visible and invisible worlds of Chinatown in New York City.

“The men of Fuzhou, China leave their wives and families to work as dishwashers, cooks, carpenters and day laborers in New York City’s Chinatown. Their little leisure time is spent in overcrowded dorm like apartments where they cook, eat, sleep and dream of prosperity and of home.

The women of Fuzhou raise their children with the money absent fathers send back to China. Such bifurcated lives mean that many families spend their time waiting for the men of the household to either send for them or return home. In the end, it’s all about the essential human need to hold hope in your hands and having the willingness to sacrifice your own happiness to realize the dream of giving children a better life.”

Chang photographed in color and in black-and-white to further emphasize the exchange between visible and invisible worlds.

22 24  29

A newly arrived immigrant eats noodles on a fire escape (1998)

This was my absolute favourite photo, but it was quite difficult to get a decent photo of it at the exhibition due to the reflection on the glass, so I found a perfect copy online. (Source: Magnum Photos)


Good to know that cardboard packaging and dirty sheets are classed as art these days…


Up and Down – Mu Boyan

34 36

Good to see Liz and Iron Man around too!

37 38

The wax and shell islands looked pretty cool.

39 40

Disc drive, anyone?

43 44

Rem(a)inders (2010) – Michelangelo Psitoletto

This sculpture of a seated Buddha figure on top of a chest-high pile of used clothing and obsolete electronics such as old computer monitors, circuit panels, remote controls and speakers addresses the themes of materialism and excess.


Phantom-Limb (Number 03) (2013) – Motohiko Odani

“The complex images in the works defy single interpretations and possess an ominous charm that exists somewhere between beauty and ugliness, life and death and the spiritual and the secular.”


It seems as if the girl’s hand was injured, but she is actually holding a raspberry smashed in her hand.


Hypnagogia IV (Pet Supply, Sausages, Masssage) (2014)  – Adrian Wong


Farther toward the Future (2010) – Kumazawa Mikiko


This drawing is mind-blowing!

51 52

I’m not sure who this is by, but it created quite a crowd!


If anyone can explain the relevance of the blonde wigs to the quote, that’d be great 😉

54 55

The Costume of Painter – Ingres handrail hy

The model’s clothes (or lack of) changed at every angle!


Strange Fruit (2013) – Lee Wen

“Made in response to the legal requirement for artists to hold a licence in Singapore before any public performance, Strange Fruit circumvented the restrictions by its timely performance during the Chinese lantern festival, where anyone was allowed to carry a lantern. At the same time, the excessive display of ethnicity annihilates the individuality of any yellow man.”

57 58

A fox covered in marbles.


Reflective shapes.

60 61

Abstract art.

62 63

Three Voices (2013)- Eemyun Kang

64 65

Playing giants.


Sigrid for Acne paper #1 (2012) – Roe Ethridge


To be titled (2013) – Dan Colen

68 69

Kisses for everyone!





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