May through Instagram

Better late than never, right?! 😉

instagram hong kong

1 – Epic sushi buffet with Jess (COME BACK!!!)

2 & 3 – The most amazing crab curry and prawn sashimi at Wong Chun Chun!

4 – Late night vintage shopping


1 – Ry cooked quiche

2 – Thai takeaway

3 –  Outdoor restaurant in Central

4 – New plant in the cutest little pot


1 – Nan’s birthday!

2 – Rico’s birthday Polaroid

3 – Celebrating at King Ludwig Beerhall


1 – May the 1st marked Ryan’s first year in HK and this is the little sign that I made when we picked him up from the airport! 😀

2 – Delicious sliders and free cocktails at Rockabillys

3 – Chocolate pizza at Paisanos

4 – Dissapointing passionfruit gelato

PMQ night market

We visited the PMQ Night Market in Central, but came away from it in disappointment! The queues were long, there was only a small selection of food (all of which were overpriced), it was overcrowded and there was no air-con in the eating area! Also the shops were also full of overpriced, pretentious products. We definitely wouldn’t recommend a visit.


However let’s end on a happy note! This snap was taken at our first live TED talk on transgenderism, which was really interesting an informative! It’s definitely a step in the right direction 😀



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