Tiananmen Candlelight Vigil

Last month, Ry and I joined a record-breaking 180,000 Hong Kongers in Victoria Park to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Attendees holding candles filled six football fields; it was a breath-taking sight!

tiananmen candlelight vigil hong kong 0a 0b

Shockingly Hong Kong remains the only place on Chinese soil where the true extent of the ‘incident’ can even be acknowledged! While the foreign news media gave it global attention, state-controlled Chinese news organizations largely ignored the anniversary. Furthermore online censors stepped up their already extensive blocking or deleting of posts that challenge the Communist Party’s effort to erase the public’s memory of the bloodshed in 1989, when soldiers in Beijing killed hundreds of students, workers and professionals demonstrating for greater democracy and limits on corruption.


There were speeches, songs, videos of people recalling their experiences and a moment’s silence to remember the dead.


Although the gathering had once been dominated by people aged 40 or older, who remembered coverage of the crackdown and who sometimes brought their children; those in their 20s and 30s predominated this year. Like us, many were attending for the first time.

4a 4b 4c

They will never be forgotten.



6 thoughts on “Tiananmen Candlelight Vigil

  1. I couldn’t be there so I feel a sense of sadness. Thank you for going. And very moving pictures. I blog on HK too so pls follow back if you will. Thank you.

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