Tsing Yi Nature Trail

After seeing Jess’s photos of the epic contrasting views at the peak of the Tsing Yi Nature Trail, we couldn’t wait to check it out for ourselves!

tsing yi nature trail hong kong 2 3 4

The trail lives up to the nature aspect with an abundance of creepy crawlies…

5 6 7

…and interesting flora.

8 9

Out of all the hikes that we’ve done in HK, this is the only one that we’ve come across with swings, so obviously we swung to our hearts’ content!

10 11

Hot stuff, comin’ through 😉

13 14 15 16

Despite the numerous steps, it’s a relatively easy, short walk (around 3km). The trail is well planned and well paved.


We made it to the top! 😀


On the right, the Tsuen Wan and Ma Wan Channel stretches on, accompanied by the Tsing Ma and Ting Kau Bridge.

18a 19

If you turn 90 degrees, you’ll be greeted by the classic HK cityscape!

20 21 22



After taking in the incredible views, we sauntered back down…


If you’re a fan of street art, you’re going to LOVE our next post 😉


See you soon, you gorgeous creatures!





10 thoughts on “Tsing Yi Nature Trail

  1. This place looks awesome! Great photos too! The little insects look so cool and the flowers too, must be a nice place to see all sorts of wildlife! Abi 🙂 myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

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