June through Instagram

This photo wouldn’t fit into a square on Instagram, but I wanted to share it anyway – how cute are their little faces?! ^.^

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After living here for over a year, we finally got round to checking out our local ferry pier. Although the plan was to hop onto the next ferry available, the times were few and far between. So we took a photo of their small timetable (which they’d failed to pop online) and made plans for our next visit!


We had noodles and wontons (dumplings filled with prawns and pork) to console ourselves.

FYI, my mum makes the BEST WONTONS EVER! The whole family gets together to make them 😀


The view from our apartment.


I found somewhere to trade my unicorn 😉


Our first BLT Burger experience; we’d definitely recommend it! The pulled pork burger and chocolate milkshakes are divine!


Whale graffiti.


Catching up on MIC with a classic Asian snack (curried fishballs and noodles) at work.


Ry’s hotpot choices at Nabe One.




Fathers’ Day hotpot (again, not Instagrammed but I wanted to share it anyway!)


I’ll be seeing Ellie Goulding for the third time next month with the Josh-meister… SO EXICTED! 😀


Finally, I’ll leave you with a cheeky snap that Ry took on the MTR on the way home from the Tiananmen Candlelight Vigil.


Hope everyone’s having a fab weekend!




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