July through Instagram

July 1st marked another public holiday, so Ness treated us to a homemade Mexican feast!

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Our friends, Teri and Dave, introduced me to a cheap clothes mall, just round the corner from where we live! I can’t believe we’d never come across it before…obviously I made the most of it 😉


Taking a break in Pacific Coffee. Ry enjoyed his Cookies n’ Cream Espresso Chillino, but I wouldn’t recommend the limited edition Lychee and Raspberry Chillino though…unless you like your drinks to taste like perfume.


I bought a cute card from Sai Kung for Ryan’s mum’s birthday ^.^


Taking a stroll around Sha Tin Park.


Prawn sashimi with a Thai chili dip – delicious!


A cheeky selfie at the Studio Ghibli exhibition.


Our first chocolate soft-scoop from Godiva – it was as divine as it looks 😉


So happy that our residents’ pool is open; it’s the perfect place to be when its 30 degrees!


Epic salmon sushi.




Storytelling class with one of my favourites; he’s always so happy and enthusiastic! Oh and he knows every single character from Thomas the Tank Engine!


Finally, I’ll leave you with the view from our picnic by the harbour in Sheung Wan.


Hope everyone’s having a wonderful weekend!



10 thoughts on “July through Instagram

  1. Hey Queenie what’s your Instagram?
    Very jealous of the fact that you went to the studio ghibli exhibition, the pictures that they advertised didn’t look that great so I didn’t get a ticket, and then everyone who went said it was amazing – HK is so annoying like that! But glad you had a fun time. I also love that Palm Tree dress 🙂

    • Hey Amelia! My Instagram is ‘queenielee1990’ – there’s a link on the side of the page 😀

      Oh no, how annoying! Guess you have to go to the Ghibli exhibition in Japan to make up for it 😉

      Thanks, I got it in the HnM sale a few months ago! It’s one of my favourites now, haha!

      Hope you’re having a great weekend xxx

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