Buddhas and Skyscrapers

Thursday 14th August

As Josh is an avid collector of Buddhas, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery was an inevitable destination during his visit! We hopped on the bus to Sha Tin and stopped off at Bene Italian for fuel. Josh had gnocchi (mainly to show me what they are) i.e. small dumplings made from potato, semolina or flour. They just tasted like cheesy dough to me…probably something that I’d enjoy as part of a meal, rather than a dish on its own.

hong kong

My lunch was mediocre too.


However this means that our day could only get better, right?! After lunch, we made our way over…

The long uphill journey to the monastery is an attraction in itself, as the path is lined on both sides with 500 life-sized golden Buddhas, each in different (and often hilarious) poses.

4 5 6 7 8

Almost there…

9 10



Founded in the 1950’s, the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery consists of 5 temples, 4 pavilions and a pagoda. However it is not an actual monastery as it is managed by laypersons rather than resident monks. It was built by Yuet Kai, a devout Buddhist layman, who dedicated the last years of his life constructing the buildings and Buddha statues (1949-1957).

12 13

Our first stop was the Ten Thousand Buddha Hall, which contains over 12,800 small golden Buddha figures – it was a breathtaking view! Although there are almost 13,000 Buddha statues in the monastery, ‘ten thousand’ simply represents a figurative term for an extremely large number in Cantonese tradition. You’re not allowed to take photos in here, but I couldn’t resist a sneaky snap…


Outside, between the main hall and pagoda stands the beautiful Kwun Yam (Goddess of Mercy) Pavillion.

15 16 17

It is accompanied by gold bodhisattvas.


Other various multicolored statues are also dotted about the terrace, such as a white elephant from Pu Xian (The Lord of Fire) and a blue lion which belongs to Wen Shu.

20 21

This nine-storey pagoda can be climbed by an internal spiral staircase.

Fun Fact: This pagoda was selected to represent the symbol of Hong Kong featured on the HK$100 banknote in 2001.

22 23 24

Buddha statues sit on the window ledges on each level, boasting great views of the monastery and a panoramic of Sha Tin at the top!

25 26

After the pagoda, we found MORE gold buddhas around the corner…


…and a stunning, white Kwun Yam statue in front of a waterfall, hidden away at the top of the Monastery!

28 29

Josh rockin’ some fierce Asian girl poses 😉

30 31

With achy feet, but a desire to explore, we travelled over to Victoria Harbour armed with the most amazing jalapeño pretzels that Josh introduced me to!

32 32a

We couldn’t believe Creed was here too!

I’ll leave you with a print-screen from a BRILLIANT video that Josh will be manning. I’m sure it’ll be an absolute TREAT! 😉


Hope everyone’s having a fab weekend!



5 thoughts on “Buddhas and Skyscrapers

  1. Reblogged this on D. Dominik Wickles, Romance Author and commented:
    I follow this blog for her great photos of Hong Kong. It’s easy to imagine my characters, Deshi & Annie from my book Hong Kong Treasure, seeing the same places.
    This post takes you to the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. Some of the Buddhas are funny and others are just gorgeous. Enjoy and tell me which Buddha you liked best!

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