Sunday stroll on Lamma Island

Saturday 16th August

As I had work on Saturday, I gave Josh a list of fun places to visit and he let me nab a few of his photos from his day as a lone wolf. These were taken at the beautiful Nan Lian Gardens, Chi Lin Nunnery and the Hong Kong Museum of History.


hong kong

Obviously it’s much easier to navigate your way around an unfamiliar city with Google Maps, so I lent him my phone for the day to find this masterpiece on my Instagram after work…


At least he made the most of the moon gates at the Kowloon Walled City Park 😉

Sunday 17th August

Sian had been in Hong Kong during the week, recruiting students for Southampton University through clearing. Finally she had (half) a day off to explore with us! Having seen their share of high rises and the hustle and bustle of city life, I decided to take them out for a relaxing day on Lamma Island.


This is the third largest island in Hong Kong, located to the Southwest of Hong Kong Island. With a reputation for alternative, laid back lifestyles; it is popular with expatriates, younger generations, artists and musicians. The harbour is lined with seafood restaurants…


…and as you delve into the island a little further, you’ll be greeted by quirky shops, pubs and multicultural restaurants, blending Western and Chinese Island life.


It’s so chilled out that dogs run their own fruit and veg stalls 😉


Of course, our first stop was the Banyan Bay Café for a hearty fry up.


Hands down the best breakfast joint in HK! Oh and the mango juice is divine.


After lunch, Josh and Sian tried out their first egg balls i.e. ball-shaped waffles.

2 3

We dipped in and out of shops selling handicrafts from Southeast Asia and quirky boutiques. They found some souvenirs in a cat-themed shop for their cat-loving friends back home 😉


Great name…


Having wandered around most of the shops, we made our way over to the beach, passing a tie-dye stall on the way.


It felt so good to immerse our feet on the warm sand and paddle in the sea!

7 8

Unfortunately Sian had to return to work in the evening, so we took some AWESOME selfies before heading back to the ferry.

9 10

Back in Central, we had to go our separate ways 😦 Although our time together was short, I loved showing Sian around another side of HK!

Josh and I returned home for Thai takeout and a US Office marathon with Ryan, before he had to pack for his 10-day tour of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam…the lucky thing!

I’ll leave you with some of our favourite Office moments – ENJOY!


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