Concrete Jungle

Friday 29th August

The day after Josh returned from his ten-day tour around South-East Asia, the sun was shining so we decided to head over to Hong Kong Park again to check out the aviary!

2 4

An oasis of green amid an urban landscape.

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In we go!

7 8

The Edward Youde Aviary was opened in 1992, named after the late Governor of Hong Kong. At 3000 square metres, it is the largest aviary in Southeast Asia.

9 10

Designed to resemble a tropical rainforest, this walk-through aviary features a collection of 600 birds representing 80 species indigenous to Southeast Asia, Indonesia and New Guinea.

11 12 13 14 15 16

Nice hat 😉

17 18 19 20

We even saw a rainbow!

21 22

The aviary is beautiful and we had lots of fun spotting the birds, so we’d definitely recommend a trip!


We popped over to the Tai Chi Garden for a spot of octagonal fun 😉

24 25 26

As some birds cannot be housed in the main aviary because they feed on smaller birds, we visited the Caged Display Area.

27 28

The three smaller cages allow you to check out the White crested hornbill and the Great Pied Hornbill; while the other holds various species of birds of the Malesian region.

29 30 31

Having had our fill of bird-watching, we headed over to the Forsgate Conservatory. Our first stop was the Dry Plant House which is always kept hot and dry, housing cacti, succulents and plants from arid areas.

32 33 34 35 36

From the dry heat, we wandered into the Humid Plant House which was surprisingly refreshing!

37 38

This exhibit included a wide variety of ferns, palms and jungle foliage plants from South Africa, Southeast Asia and America.

39 40

I’m REALLY good at camouflage…


Returning to the great outdoors, we discovered that flowing water is used to link the different features of the park via waterfalls, streams and ponds.

42 43 44

The contrast between the high rises and the greenery is pretty spectacular!

45 46 47 48

Just taking a rest on the steps…


…before hitting the super comfy sofas at Pacific Coffee around the corner.


I spotted some pretty heart-shaped leaves!

51 52

Feeling well rested and re-hydrated, we set off in search of a tram.

54 55

As trams travel relatively slowly, they’re great for sightseeing, passing through some of Hong Kong’s most colourful neighbourhoods, mixing traditional and modern life.

56 57

The best part is that the fare is set, letting you travel almost the whole width of Hong Kong Island for $2.30!

58 59 60

We stopped off in Causeway Bay and walked around the bustling Times Square, where Josh tried on another fabulous straw hat…

60a 61 62

After dipping in and out of shops in the shopping hub, we headed over to Central to meet Giles for dinner at the Green Waffle Diner!


As he was running a tad late, we were invited into the newly-opened Hawaiian shop next door where the owner kindly offered us lots of free food to try out! They serve rice, salad and the most amazing tuna sashimi that I’ve ever had; it tasted like the tuna that we freshly caught out in Thailand i.e. meaty and super smooth! I’m not usually a fan of tuna sashimi as I find the texture too mushy, but these guys placed a huge emphasis on only serving the best, fresh tuna. They let me try out every marinade, so I had about 6 gorgeous chunks of tuna, which was a great starter 😉 I’m sorry I don’t remember what the shop was called but it’s next door to the diner – go check it out!

Finally Giles arrived! I didn’t realize the photo was so blurry at the time 😦


I had fried chicken accompanied by the softest, creamiest mash and a heart-shaped blob of gravy. Unfortunately the chicken was a little lacking in the taste department, so Giles let me share his delicious meat skillet which I’ll definitely be returning for 😉


After dinner, Giles took us to Le Boudoir, an intimate lounge bar with old school European décor oozing with ‘chic-ness’. They do beautiful cocktails and I was entranced by the impressive barmen! Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos as it was pretty dark, but do give it a whirl if you’re in the area. Make sure you try the Blueberry Night and Red Express cocktails 😉

Happy Friday!



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