Cheung Chau Island

Saturday 30th August

For our final day-trip together, I took Josh to one of my favourite places in Hong Kong! Cheung Chau is a small island 10km South West of Hong Kong Island. It is a fishing village that has become a major tourist attraction, offering a mixture of beaches, seafood cafes and traditional Chinese culture.

Look how excited he is!


Luckily the village hasn’t lost any of its charm through tourism, as fishing boats still line the harbour, the shops are unique and the food is local. Speaking of which, our first stop was to one of my favourite street foods which seem to be an island specialty…



Although there were 5 different flavours to choose from, I accidentally chose the spiciest one…but I soldiered on because I bloody love giant fishballs!


As Josh is vegetarian, he opted for fried ice cream at the next stall instead.

4 5

Verdict: “Delicious!”


One of my favourite features of the island is the number of shops selling unique, handmade products!

8a 8b 9 10 11 12

I bought a beautiful gold deer necklace here!

13 14 15 16

As Cheung Chau is full of food stalls selling local snacks, we thought we’d try out snacks here and there rather than going for a sit down meal.

I love being able to see food being freshly prepared!

17 18. 18

We found a bench under fluttering shade and unpacked our edible goodies.


Josh went for a lotus seed bun which I recommended because Ry enjoys them, but I’ve not got much of a sweet tooth so they weren’t my cup of tea.


I had a delicious (but slightly too salty) turnip/radish cake, also known as ‘lo baak gou’. These are usually filled with dried shrimp and Chinese sausage, then cut into square slices and pan-fried before serving. This produces a thin crunchy layer on the outside, leaving the inside soft and moist – yum!


Like I said earlier, I’m not much of a dessert person, but I LOVE mango mochis, which is something that the island is famous for.

It consists of a sticky rice flour paste cake filled to the brim with fresh mango!

21 22



After our snacks, we wandered through the streets.

24 25

We passed numerous dried-seafood stalls,

26 27 28 29a









34 35

I’m not even sure what this place is!


As we rounded the corner, we stopped for a quick drink. I went for a pineapple smoothie, while the J-dawg had a bubble tea.


There were lots of lanterns hanging about, as it’s almost the Mid-Autumn Festival.


There was also a shop selling paper representations of items that an ancestor might need in the afterlife. This can be anything from food and money to designer handbags, cars and I-pads! These objects are burnt in order to reach deceased loved ones.


After seeing children with rainbow coloured slushies, we were so excited to try them!

39a 39b

The colours match my top 😉


Like all other islands in Hong Kong, the streets are too narrow for motorized traffic, therefore residents travel on foot or by bike.

As we’d already been walking around all day, we rented a bike to ride along the harbour. I can’t actually ride a bike, so I loved being able to ride this bad-boy with three wheels 😉

40 41 42

Obviously we stopped for a few snaps by the sea.

43 44 45 46 47

This mosaic was pretty rad too!

48 49

I enjoyed cycling while the paths were empty, but it was pretty embarrassing when I couldn’t overtake a 5 year old. In my defense, Josh is much heavier than a 3 year old passenger (although he denies it).

Anyway, Josh took over so I could rest my legs 😀

50 51 52

I’d never been to this end of the island before; the lanterns looked awesome!

53 54 55 56

As we only rented the bike for an hour, we started heading back, but got told off by policemen on the way because you weren’t allowed passengers in the back. However everyone just waited until the police were out of sight before hopping on again. The police cars are specially designed to be small enough to fit through the narrow streets, so they essentially look like toy cars.  I forgot to take a photo, but it’s pretty difficult to take this seriously.

We passed hard workers, fishermen drying their catch and edible aquariums!

57 58 59

The owners at the bike-rental company were also kind enough to take a few snaps for us 😀

60 61

Needing a good rest with air con, we popped into the lovely Rainbow Café where we ordered smoothies and made the most of their free cards and stamps!

62 63 64

Josh always amazes me with how well he can draw just from memory; I always need something in front of me to be able to draw it even half-decently.


Oh and did I mention how AWESOME their cushions are?!


Feeling well rested, we headed over to Pak Tai Temple, one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong, built in 1783.

I assume this is probably the only temple facing a basketball court…

67 68 69 70

After filming some ridiculously cool dance moves for Josh’s video, we headed over to the beach for a quick stroll before dinner.

71 72

Unfortunately our Indian meal was pretty disappointing.


Though we didn’t that put a downer on our awesome day; I’m so happy that he enjoyed Cheung Chau as much as I do!

Thanks for visiting us, Josh! 😀


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