August through Instagram

instagram, hong kong

1 – Ry baked some plate sized cookies!

2 – Gorgeous vinyl stickers from the amazing Kwai Chung Plaza. I initially bought them for my laptop, but decided that it made an equally rad wall display.

3 – Lucky cats from The Peak

4 – A delicious snack of noodles and wontons from Mak’s Noodles.


1 – Shellfish is my favourite kind of food, so obviously I made the most of it at the buffet for Kyle’s leaving do!

2 – An old photo of me and my brother for his 18th birthday

3 – Casual dog in a rucksack

4 – Ry bought us Japanese food for dinner

After accumulating bits and bobs for our wall display over a year, I decided to redecorate as it felt a bit cluttered. This is what it once looked like.


My favourite hotpot buffet with Dave and Teri!


I know you’re not meant to have favourites, but just look at their little faces! They’re best friends too ^.^


Our waitress took a shine to Josh…

6 7

1 – Mee and Gee shops are the best for vintage shopping; I’ve bought so many shirts and dresses there from $5-$20!

2 – Josh bought the BEST card after staying with us during his time in HK

3 – I love this quote!

4 – ‘Pay it Forward’ goodies for some special ladies. I LOVE buying presents 😉

Finally I’ll leave you with an awesome drawing courtesy of the J-dawg.




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