Lantern Wonderland

Last week, Ry and I headed over to Victoria Park to check out their Mid-Autumn Festival lantern displays!

The Mid Autumn Festival pays homage to a bygone era when farmers thanked the moon god for bountiful harvests. Nowadays it is an occasion for outdoor reunions among friends and relatives to watch the moon, a symbol of harmony and unity.

Although lanterns have become a notable part of celebrating the holiday, it is difficult to determine their original purpose in connection to the festival. They look awesome and bring people together, so I think that’s a good enough reason 😉


As soon as we arrived, we ran for shelter as there was a downpour!

Luckily the rain stayed away during our tour of the lanterns and it made for extra awesome photos 😀


We had heard that this was the largest lantern display in HK, with thousands of lanterns. We didn’t realize until afterwards that the displays get gradually taken down after the 8th Full Moon in the Lunar Calendar i.e. 8th September, this year.

3 4

Arriving on the 13th meant there weren’t even half as many as we’d been lead to believe. Nevertheless they probably just left the best displays up 😉


Obviously this was Ry’s favourite!


This waving robot was my highlight!

7 8

Ah, I love a good game of aeroplane chess…


I bought this toy for my students last year, but they got pretty overexcited and most of the rods and fish were destroyed within a few weeks :/


We think that this colourful castle was this year’s centerpiece. Although it looks cool, it doesn’t look quite as epic as previous years.

11 12

However we did enjoy walking through it…

13 14

…to find dinosaurs on the other side!

15 16 17

Pretty reflections in the water.

18 19

Spinnin’ around…


Pandas are the best!


Although there were fewer displays than expected, we still really enjoyed ourselves! 😀


If you fancy going next year (I know it’s a while away, haha); check online for the full-moon date as Victoria Park also offers an evening of Fire Dragon Dancing, kung fu demonstrations, folk songs and crafts!

lantern wonderland



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