Dumplings and Miniature Art

Last week, Sam and Amber were visiting HK for a few days and we were lucky enough to catch them on their final day before they moved onto Mainland China. We met them in Central and headed to one of my new favourite places for lunch, Mak’s noodles. The food is absolutely delicious, but unfortunately the portion sizes are rather small. So Ry and I shared 3 bowls between us…though I probably could have managed them all to myself 😉

hong kong

After lunch, we headed over to the PubArt Gallery to check out the ‘Closer’ Exhibition, Hong Kong’s first Contemporary Miniature Painting Exhibition.

The place is pretty small so it was great that we had it all to ourselves!


Miniature art has a long history spanning a vast geographic area, from 13th century court paintings in Persia to pocket portraits in the Elizabethan era. This exhibition revived the art form with contemporary stories from a series of specially commissioned original works from 10 local artists on canvases measuring 2”x 3” or 4” x 4”

3 3a

The first piece that grabbed my attention was ‘The Rabbit Hole of Reality’ by Lorita Ho. Highly interested in the spiritual realm; she uses paints, pens and watercolours to visualize her perception of reality.

Art is one of the creative channels for ideas to be projected into the material world through a person’s thought.”


However a degree of ambiguity is always intended to allow viewers to interpret the art themselves.



Next up is a more colourful series, entitled ‘The Stolen Spoondrift’ by Silvia Chan. The title came about because Silvia secretly ‘stole’ the spoondrift from the moment it washed up on the coast. She took the seawater home, mixed it with different materials and colours, so that “the fleeting spoondrift can revive with colours and another kind of beauty on canvas.”


My personal favourites were by Beverly Fung.

“I am not really outgoing and talkative. So I prefer to express myself visually. All this led to my choice in art.”


Her style draws on Chinese painting techniques with a contemporary interpretation.

Fat, cute babies with circular pink-cheeked faces and chubby arms, linear eyes and warm smiles inspire Beverly.


Hannah Hodson used water to reflect drama, stillness and theatrics which could be related to the term ‘CLOSER.’



Zeze Lai hopes to deliver a message of the importance of wildlife conservation.

“I try to capture the dynamic styles that bring each and every little subject to life.”


Ry’s favourites were the gorgeous watercolours by Rainbow Tse.

“I paint sceneries because I have always been fascinated by them, the way a mood can be created and how it can have a back-story and relate to memories or events.”

13 14

After the gallery, we gave Sam and Amber a little tour around Central, popping through markets, souvenir shops and LKF, the clubbing district. As they had to sort out some bits and bobs for their next adventure by the late afternoon, we hugged and said our goodbyes…

Ry and I headed up to the IFC mall and bought a couple of treats from LGB.


I’m quite curious to try out these cheesy macarons…if only they weren’t S15!


Armed with our little brown paper bag of goodies, we headed up to the roof.

But first, let’s admire the fog.

17 18



The views up here are awesome!

20 21 22

This side’s even better, though 😉


Ry went for a deliciously rich and creamy chocolate slice…


…while I went for macarons! They’re passionfruit, raspberry and banana flavoured, in case you were wondering 🙂




My favourite was this passionfruit bad-boy.


Once we’d devoured our sweet treats, admired the shimmering buildings and rumbling thunder, we headed over to Admiralty to check out its’ Topshop for the first time!

28 29

They even have a Topman!


Yay, shiny new things! 😀


While we were browsing in Topshop, Sam messaged us to say that they’d had some problems with their travel agent, which meant that they couldn’t leave for China until the next morning.

(We secretly think that they just wanted to spend more quality time with us because we’re such a COOL COUPLE!)

Anyway, they very kindly treated us to some yummy burgers and ribs in exchange for crashing at ours’ – so WIN WIN for us really 😉



2 thoughts on “Dumplings and Miniature Art

    • Aww I’m so glad you liked it! I really liked all the colours used with the spoondrift, it looked awesome! Have you got any more exhibitions coming up as we’d love to come along 🙂

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