Kennedy Town

Last week Ry and I visited Kennedy Town, which was named after Arthur Kennedy, the seventh British governor of Hong Kong. The extension of the MTR from the ever-so-trendy Sheung Wan is currently being constructed, so the town is bracing itself for a big change. Known as Hong Kong’s hottest up-and-coming neighbourhood, we decided to check it out before the MTR’s set up.

We hopped on the tram at Sheung Wan and were lucky enough to grab the front seats at the top! 😀

hong kong 2 3 4 Similar to Sheung Wan, Kennedy Town is a real mix of old and new, local and expat.5

This family of lucky cats were the first thing that caught my eye upon arrival.


For over 100 years, Kennedy Town served as a cattle depot and slaughterhouse after animals were landed near the pier. The slaughterhouse closed in 1993 and the neighbourhood ambled along as a quiet residential area for the next 10 years.


However buildings that once housed garages, warehouses, tiny markets and scrap-metal dealers are filling up with high-end French bistros, bars and cafes, as luxury apartment buildings rise beside them. Kennedy Town is turning into a destination for Hong Kong’s expatriates and affluent professionals, being only two stops away from Central.

9 10

With Hong Kong facing one of the highest income-inequality rates in the world, some locals worry about the impact of Kennedy Town’s upheaval on lower-income residents and small-time shopkeepers.

12 13 14

It was obvious from our visit that Kennedy Town has a budding restaurant scene. There are traditional Chinese eateries with no-frills décor that cater to locals who have lived here for decades.

16 17

However restaurants towards the west of town cater to expats, with a strong emphasis on international menus and ambiance.


After umm-ing and ahh-ing at all the different food options, we opted for a Chinese lunch where we were unfortunately served by a really rude waitress.

Ry went for a mediocre fish and vegetable dish with rice…


…while I had a huge portion of under-flavoured chicken and salted fish fried rice.


After a disappointing lunch, we strolled around the park.

21 22

The town…

23 24 25

…and a residential area.

26 27

Oh, and I got my watch-battery changed by the sweetest old man for just $30!


Ry also discovered a beautifully packaged blueberry tea, which he’d recommend 😉


I’m glad that we visited Kennedy Town. However besides the budding foodie scene, there was nothing particularly exciting/distinctive about it. We explored the town quite thoroughly within a couple of hours, so decided to walk back to Sheung Wan in the sunshine.


We discovered new shops on the way!


You know you’re in Sheung Wan when you find yarn-bombing!

32 33

It’s very chilled.

34 35

Sheung Wan is also home to some pretty rad street art.

36 37 38 38a 39 40 41

Vintage shops.


Scrap metal.


Treasure troves of antiques!

44 45 46 47

As the sun slipped away, we headed home for a fry up and prepared our little flat for Craig and Finbar’s arrival the next day!



11 thoughts on “Kennedy Town

  1. Omg you were RIGHT next to my house!! Disappointed you found Ktown a bit boring but I agree, it’s quite a sleepy place. There are some great places to eat here but I agree, they mostly cater to western palettes. Although I’ve found THE best Vietnamese just off a back street and most of my dinners come from there these days. Cofftea, the place you took a photo of, does excellent iced lattes and just opposite that is Catch which I wrote about on my blog, they do great food. I’ve not got long in HK we should meet up before I leave!

    • haha, no way! Do you live up those steep steps or in one of those luxury high rises?! 😉

      Ooh Vietnamese food sounds awesome! Yeah we saw Catch and I told Ry that I remember seeing it on your blog, will have to check it out if we’re in K-Town again 😀

      That sounds great, we’ve got some friends from the UK staying with us atm so things are a bit hectic haha! They leave on the 13th October, when are you off back to the UK?! xxx

      • One of the apartments by the sea… Guilty as charged! I’m lucky work pay it…
        I’m off on the 8th of November, can’t believe how quickly it’s all gone (and how lazy I’ve been with sight seeing ha ha…) say hi if you wanted to grab a coffee anyway it’s always nice to meet other bloggers xx

      • Damn, I wish work paid for us to live somewhere so swanky 😉

        haha, how long have you been here altogether?

        Yes, definitely! I’ll pop your leaving date in the calendar and will sort something out! We get Weds and Fridays off, I assume you get the weekend? xx

    • Noooooo coz nobody really comments much on my blog anyways, and I just looked and nope, it’s not working! SADFACE! I’ll have to message Disqus. Re: visa date, it was fun and about two months ago now! We’ve hung out a few times since then, but obviously as I’m going home it isn’t really going to go anywhere. I was a bit apprehensive about posting this actually as I don’t really share my personal life online you know? But tbh the post is more about that I’m proud of myself that I’ve been saying YES to new and sometimes slightly off-the-wall experiences rather than saying no all the time 🙂 it’s just one example of positive thinking that I’ve been doing recently which is always a good thing 🙂 xxx

      • Aww, that’s a shame, but it sounds like a fun experience!

        Woo, go you, I’m a big fan of being a YES-(WO)MAN 😉

        Speaking of which, have you seen Yes Man?! It’s one of my faves xxx

      • I have heard about YES man but not seen it. One for me to download I think!
        It’s ok, I’m pretty happy with how things are going right now – I’ve now just got to get a job in Scandinavia which is SO HARD OMG. ><
        P.s. can I ask, is it working now? Visa blog post

    • Any good recommendations? I don’t actually like coffee, but anywhere that does a good hot chocolate or smoothies will be right up my street 😉 I wanna try some more independant places actually, as much as I love Pacific coffee and Starbucks! xxx

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