September through Instagram

hong kong

1 – Mid-Autumn feast with Dave and Teri!

2 – Razor clam in black bean sauce

3 – Steamed squid

4 – Deep fried oysters


1 – Mid-Autumn hotpot!

2 – Japanese buffet

3 – Awesome clam spaghetti at the amazing 1981 Fusion Restaurant

4 – They put on new tops especially for this photo…


1 – Meeting Craig and Finbar on the day that they arrived. Casual nap in a café.

2 – Throwing them in at the deep end on their first night in HK with a spicy Sichuan hotpot

3-4 – Trying out herbal tea for the first time!


Hotpot party! (Craig’s having the time of his life)


1 – Back to the nineties.

2 – A little card for my bestie, Nikki, who got a new job doing something that she loves! 😀

3 – Finbar bought us flowers ^.^

4 – I was feeling a bit down at work, but this picture in my final class made me smile! I love that Neo drew himself as a lion/dog and I have my own goat and castle!


Hope everyone’s having a wonderful weekend! 😀



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