Mong Kok

October 1st marked my first day out with the LADS.

We decided to head over to Mong Kok a.k.a. the busiest district in the world.

hong kong2

However, due to the protests, the roads were blocked with parked cars.

3 4

It was very surreal to be able to stand in the main road without traffic whizzing by!

5 6 7

Our next stop was lunch, where we opted for noodles and dumplings.




After-lunch desserts are a thing, right?!

10 11

This bakery was all ready for Halloween with their spooky treats.


With happy tummies, we made our way down to the smoky arcade tucked away under the New Town Mall.

You’re not allowed to take photos in there, but we got a few sneaky snaps anyway because we’re rebels.


I’m rubbish at this game as I have awful hand-eye co-ordination, but it’s so much fun!


Ryan loves ramen…


Once we’d had enough of being blown away by some of the incredible gamers (seriously, how are they THAT good at these games?!) and second hand smoke, we returned to the great outdoors to join in with the peaceful protests.


Lots of yellow ribbons were handed out and proudly worn.

17 18 19

There was such a great vibe with live speeches and support from the crowds.

20 21 22 23

Finbar also took some rad panoramics!

24 25

A make-shift first aid area outside a bank.


Oh, hey there!


It was awesome to see double-decker buses completely covered with wonderful messages and pictures.

28 29 30 31 32 32a

Ry left a message too 😀

33 34 35

It really was an incredible sight.

36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43

As we’d collected a group of 4 in Mong Kok, Ry and I finally got the chance to play the 4-person air hockey game in Langham Place!

Off we trotted, up the dizzying heights of Hong Kong’s tallest mall, passing Hello Kitty and her pals on the way.

44 45 46

This photo makes me laugh every time!


The view from the top!


After dipping in and out of some cool little shops…


We found it!

Here’s our awesome PacMan card (it’s like an Octopus/Oyster card, but for arcade games).



51 52 53

We played about 4 games, before giving way to a group of eagerly-awaiting school kids.


If you’re interested, Craig and I were the DREAM TEAM with the highest score! 😀

54 55

Following our intense games, we headed over to one of my Thai favourite restaurants that Jess introduced me to.


I had my usual red seafood curry; Ry had the spicy pork-neck noodles; while Craig and Finbar shared an appetizer platter.

57 58

Shortly after our delicious meal, we lost Finbar.

We couldn’t get hold of him as he didn’t have wifi or a HK number, so we just waited on the corner where we last saw him.


I love Craig’s T-shirt!


Killing time with a cheeky selfie.




Knowing Finbar, he’d probably made his own way into the Ladies Market.

So we walked over, hoping to bump into him…

Luckily we did!


Here are some of Finbar’s snaps that he very kindly let us share 😀

64 65

Although the markets are great for souvenirs, my favourite shops are Mee and Gee, the super-cheap vintage havens that grace either side of the stalls.


They have $5 racks (less than 50p!) at the entrance, with ever changing stock, so I always find a few bargains!

This time was no exception 😉


I really wanted these Nikes, but unfortunately they were a size too small 😦


Finbar also treated himself to a few sports tops.



There’s so much to see and do in Mong Kok; I’d thoroughly recommend a visit!

We also made a cheeky little vlog for you 😉



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