Kau Keng Shan

As Craig and Finbar had explored quite a few tourist attractions in the centre of Hong Kong, we thought we’d do something a little different, closer to home.

So close, in fact, that it was behind our apartment.

If you’ve seen our previous posts where we’ve walked up Kau Keng Shan (here & here), we’ve referred to it as a mountain. However Wikipedia disappointingly informed us that it is in fact, just a hill.

A 507m hill though.

hong kong

We passed a few colorful shrines and beautiful religious ornaments on the way.


Since we were aiming to reach the helipad at the top, we took a different route to usual and Finbar took some awesome photos of our journey, which he very kindly let us share 😀

8 9 10 12

As you may be able to tell from the photos, Finbar was usually a few steps ahead 😉

13 14 15 16

This is one of my favourite photos from our hike!



17a 18

Can you spot me?!


Topless Ryan…




After somewhere between 3-4 hours, we finally made it to the helipad!

24 25 26 27

The only logical thing to do is handstands and kung-fu moves, right?!

27a 28 30

Craig was born for this moment…


…but maybe not so much this one!


After taking way too many stupid photos, we decided to make our way back down before it started to get dark.

34 35

By the time that we’d returned to civilisation, the sky was pitch black and my legs were rather wobbly.

We ordered a takeaway feast from one of our favourite Thai restaurants and it tasted even better after all that exercise!

(We were so hungry that half the food had been devoured before I even thought to take a snap for the ol’ memory bank…)


Hope everyone’s having a wonderful weekend!



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